All-wheel drive: making life a blast!

Using All-Wheel Drive for Work & Practical Things

All-wheel drive makes a lot of vehicles very strong and dependable companions for employees with difficult jobs. Four-wheel drive vehicles climb steep grades and carry heavy loads, which makes them ideal for anyone with an outdoor career, such as a ranger in the park service or a rescue crew. I’ve listed a few of the more common jobs involving AWD vehicles below.

Living on the Land

1. Farmer or Rancher—You’ve seen the truck commercials where the rancher or farmer goes out to save his livestock in his truck. Ranchers or farmers use AWD vehicles like trucks because they have to haul really heavy loads, and sometimes they need to haul those loads in wet weather. They need something very powerful to cart around materials and livestock, so they opt for something with a better grip on the road, like an AWD vehicle.

2. Forest or Park Service—Rangers in the park service or forest service have to have trucks because they also have to move a lot of materials around. Sometimes they have to take really heavy equipment with them to remove boulders or fix lights, so they need an AWD vehicle to support those loads.

Saving People

3. Rescue Crews—In areas with cliffs, steep grades, lots of rocks, and lots of trees, something small like a sports car isn’t going to cut it. Rescue crews depend on bigger, AWD vehicles for these jobs, because AWD vehicles can handle rough, dangerous terrain. All of the wheels push against the terrain, which means that the truck is less likely to get stuck.

4. Firefighters—Fire engines have AWD because they’re really heavy and they have to go really fast, because firefighters need to get a lot of equipment to a fire as fast as they can. Only an AWD vehicle with all four wheels pushing against the road can deliver the speed and power necessary.


5. Construction—Construction crews need stable and powerful vehicles, which is why they put AWD into backhoes and other machines. Construction machinery has to pull, push, and carry heavy weights, so they use AWD to push back against that weight, keeping the machines stable.